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Quienes Mueren En Dead Apace 3
Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:09 am by chandzal
Quienes Mueren En Dead Apace 3

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 -INFECTED- [Event information]

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PostSubject: -INFECTED- [Event information]   Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:15 pm



Believe me or not, i got the concept of this event was taken out of a dream that i had. Maybe it was because i was putting so much effort on making a new event that God gave me the answer afro

Here, is what you need to know about this event:

1-The map is going to be announced. Everyone should be CLERIC! If you are not CLERIC or you get caught changing classes you'll be disqualified

2-The -ORIGIN- (First person infected) is going to be invited to a party by one of the Leaders or Vice-Leaders(Random person). This person CAN'T NOT TELL ANYONE THAT HE IS THE ONE INFECTED OR THE WHOLE EVENT IS SCREWED!!!!

3-On this step, everybody needs to disperse. After 2 minutes, the event will start! The person infected must buff him/herself with the buffs: Hard Truth and Grace of Wisdom.

4-The -ORIGIN- must go after peoples and try to buff them with those 2 buffs. If you get one buff you are not infected yet.. You need to cast the 2 buffs on the same person so you can infect them. If one of the infected only cast one buff on a person and he runs away, another infected can cast the remaining buff on him/her.

5-If you get the 2 buffs you are infected. You are going to be invited to the party. YOU MUST NOT TELL ANYONE YOU ARE INFECTED OR SAY THE NAME OF SOMEONE THAT ALREADY IS.

6-The event would last 25 minutes. There could be2 winners. Either the ast person standing/last person infected or the -ORIGIN- . The -ORIGIN- can win the event if everybody gets infected within 15 minutes

*You cannot leave the map or you would be disqualified. Also the event is on channel 5

This is the event! If you have any question just post them! Prizes might change. Also there can be 2 rounds or even 3! Hope you like it and Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!! bounce

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-INFECTED- [Event information]
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